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  • Academics
    Academic programs are based on Ohio's Model Curriculum and the New State Standards in each of the core content areas. Through the IEP process, we strive to craft and implement an educational program designed to foster and develop each child's educational needs. OSD endorses a bilingual bi-cultural environment throughout the School. Each individual's communication rights and needs are recognized and respected.
  • The new school building opened in August 2013 and is designed to maximize the academic abilities of all deaf and hard-of-hearing students.
  • Student Life
    The Student Life at OSD promotes individual student's transition to the maximum potential through education, empowerment, and communication. Our motto is to enrich the social physical, intellectual, communication, emotional, and spiritual aspects in our students' lives. By balancing all of these essential aspects, our goal is to encourage students to lead well-rounded lives following graduation.
  • The importance of athletics is recognized through a variety of sports at OSD. We believe that a balanced education includes a strong athletic program to allow students to expand upon their individual interests and talents. OSD students have the opportunity to travel to surrounding states for competition against their deaf peers as well as hearing peers. Involvement in sports fosters a sense of self-pride and accomplishment, while at the same time allows students to form strong bonds with others.
    All Teachers and Students come together to show OSD PRIDE!

News & Info

Save the Date: Parent/Teacher Conferences

OSD will hold its Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences from 3:30 - 7:30 p.m. on February 21. More information will be posted soon.

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Introduction of Principal Franklin

1) Hi there - you look familiar - who are you?!!

Hi! I'm Jason Franklin - you might have met me! I'm the new high school principal at OSD - I'm thrilled to be here at OSD with you. I started on October 15th and have really enjoyed my time at OSD so far.

2) Can you share anything with us about your family?

Yes! I am happy to you asked - I have twin daughters in 3rd grade - Arielle and Elisabeth, with my wife Cassie. They are amazing!! They are in Wisconsin right now, but I am excited to have them move soon to Columbus.

3) What is one thing that you have learned so far at OSD that has impressed you?

The students and staff here are passionate about learning and personal growth -I am inspired by the people who work here and the students who learn here!

4) What is one thing thing that you think everyone should know about you?

I graduated from Michigan State, so I have always been a Spartan! I'm proud to represent Blue Spartan and Green Spartan!

5) Do you have a goal for OSD?

Yes - As a High School and 4Plus Principal, my goal is to make sure each student has an opportunity to learn, feel safe, and explore as much of the world as they can. It has always been important to make that each student think big, and dream big.

6) Last question - Thanksgiving is just giving up - What is one thing you are most grateful for?

I am really thankful that I have been able to share this new journey in Ohio was so many parents, students, and friends and family. I'm thankful to be apart of the Spartan Pride!

Jason Franklin
High School / 4Plus Principal

Yearbook 2018-2019


It’s never too early to start thinking about getting the one book that captures memories from your time at OSD. Visit the sites below to learn more about this year’s OSD Yearbook.

Yearbook Info: http://osdyearbook.weebly.com

Yearbook Facebook: http://facebook.com/osdyearbook

Educational Interpreters

HQ Hand Wreath

Statewide Services would like to welcome educational interpreters to the EIPA Video Conference Workshop Series for the 2018-2018 school year. See attached flyer for more information, and registration [here].

Please note: The above link is not fully accessible for screen readers. Please contact Lynda McChesney at 614-501-1631 for the text to be read if needed.


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Strategic Plan for year 2017-2022
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Who We Are

The Ohio School for the Deaf thrives on its rich history and the belief that every student will achieve every day. The spirit and liveliness are infectious as staff greet children each day, from youngsters enrolled in the Alice Cogswell Center and the Early Learning Center preschool to the post-high school students who have elected to participate in the 4Plus transition program. The children and teachers in every classroom, laboratory and common space are ready, willing and waiting to learn.

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