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What is 4PLUS?
What's 4Plus?
  • A transition program for students who are deaf and hard of hearing in Ohio.
What's 4Plus?
Who can join 4PLUS?
Group of 4Plus people
  • Students age 18-21 years old who are deaf and hard of hearing living in Ohio receiving educational services through an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP).

  • Students who have met high school graduation requirements but have not formally received their diploma. 

What do students do in the 4PLUS Program?
I Do. We Do, You Do.
  • Work

  • Attend College orCareer Centers

  • Internships/apprenticeships

  • Participate inCommunity Events

  • Develop IndependentLiving Skills

  • Combination ofchoices/needs

Get the FACTS
  • Each 4PLUS student has their own program designed to meet their post secondary needs. Each 4PLUS student is different and has different needs

  • The 4PLUS Staff can help with the enrollment process and attend IEP meeting and/or discuss with your home school about the program.

  • It is not a typical classroom: 4PLUS is designed more like college and work environments.

  • 4PLUS has its own dorms and activities to further develop independent living skills.

  • Some 4PLUS students drive their own car and have their own apartment off campus.

  • 4PLUS offers speech therapy, job coaching, audiology, occupational therapy, physical therapy and counseling services.

  • The 4PLUS Staff works closely with adult agencies to help 4PLUS students stay connected to resources.

  • When ready, 4PLUS students are trained to navigate the community using public transportation.

How to learn more about and get involved in the 4Plus Program?

If you attend another High School:Direction paths to learn more

  • Complete all HighSchool Credits

  • Talk with Family andthe IEP team at your school about the 4PLUS Program

  • Contact the Ohio School for the Deaf and ask for more information and assistance in the enrollment process.

If you attend The Ohio School for the Deaf:

  • Complete High School Credits

  • Talk with Family and the IEP team in about wanting to enter the 4PLUS Program

  • Meet with 4PLUS Staff and request an application

Ms. Nancy Swisher

Nancy Swisher: 4PLUS

Contact Information:
Download 4PLUS Pamphlet & Application
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