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High School - Academic Program

Our rigorous academic program conforms to Ohio state standards and benchmarks and is specifically tailored to suit each student's Individualized Education Program (IEP). The central focus of instruction is language, literacy development, and critical thinking skills. Each student has a transition plan which drives selection of coursework throughout high school to prepare students to meet their transition goals.

The Ohio School for the Deaf offers traditional courses and a wide range of electives, as well as elective classes and work study. When appropriate, students participate in courses offered through Delaware Area Career Center, online virtual learning, and/or Columbus State Community College.  The Ohio School for the Deaf works with the student's district of residence to secure interpreters and other support resources for students completing coursework off campus.

Young people with multiple disabilities may take advantage of a specialized curriculum designed to teach life skills in a community setting. Often, students remain in this program until the IEP team determines the student is ready for transition into work and/or adult support services.  Students work towards a high school diploma, taking courses that are catered to their learning needs.

Our high school students participate in a variety of clubs, organizations, athletics and other activities that promote physical and mental health, leadership and team-building skills. For more information about OSD After-school Program and Student Life, go to this section of the web page.

Transition Planning

Transition planning, for students beginning at age 14 (and sometimes younger), involves helping the student plan his or her courses of study so that the classes the student takes will lead to his or her post-school goals.

Transition services, for students beginning at age 16 (and sometimes younger), involve providing the student with a coordinated set of services to help the student move from school to adult life. Services focus upon the student's needs or interests in such areas as: higher education or training, employment, adult services, independent living, or taking part in the community.

Graduation Requirements

Students enrolled at OSD are expected to graduate with a diploma and pursue post-secondary goals to achieve their personal and professional dreams.

Students at OSD can earn a HS diploma by passing a standard course of study (25 credit hours).  Students must demonstrate that they have passed the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) or the IEP team has decided the student should be exempt from the consequences of passing this assessment.

Credits Requirements

In order to receive a diploma from the Ohio School for the Deaf, a high school student must earn at least 25 credits.  One credit is defined as one Carnegie Unit:  one credit is awarded for a passing grade in a class that meets for a class period for the entire school year.

All high school students must earn credits in specific courses as specified by the Ohio Legislature, the Ohio Department of Education, and the Ohio School for the Deaf.  Graduation requirements are:

Language Arts:  4 units

Mathematics:  3 units

Science:  3 units (must include one unit in Biology and one unit in Physical Science)

Social Studies: 3 units one half unit must be American History and one half unit must be Government)

Physical Education:  1/2 unit (full year class) *

Health:  1/2 unit (students take a full year class; 1/2 is towards the state requirement and the other 1/2 counts as an elective)

American Sign Language:  1 unit

Technology:  1 unit

Career Education:  1 unit

Electives:  7 units *

*Rule 3301-35.04 states that each student's electives must include either one full unit or two half units in:  business/technoloy, fine arts and/or foreign language.  Each class is one credit for a full year, with the exception being Physical Education, which is, by law, a half credit for a full year.

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